Linux Vs. Windows: 10 Key Differences to Know

Merely going by statistics, it is most likely that you are a Windows user.  After all, around  87.70% of all PCs around the world run on Windows with Linux, only accounting for 2.32%.

How to remote control a Linux system from Windows

If you use separate Windows and Linux computers, sometimes you need to link to Linux from your Windows machine. The Linux machine can function as backup storage, server, or just another desktop to link.

Top 20 Linux Terminal Commands to try for a Beginner

Linux Terminal commands may give an impression of being complex to use for a beginner, but as you learn, you realize how easy, powerful, and effective they are. Tasks that could undergo multi-step processes through GUI can be executed quickly by typing commands into the terminal.

OpenDNS vs. Google DNS: everything you need to know

OpenDNS and Google DNS are two of the most popular and highly recommended public DNS services out there. OpenDNS offers a feature-packed, fast, reliable, and secure DNS service. But to take full advantage of its features, you will need to create an account, and the more advanced features are locked behind a paywall.

A Beginner’s Guide to Vim Text Editor

Vim is one of the most popular and celebrated text editors in the history of Linux. For those of you who don't know, Vim is a command-line based text editor that has been around for a very long time. People who use Vim often swear by it, and there are justifiable reasons as to why Vim is such a legendary editor. First, a little introduction:

Top 20 Things You Can Also Do On Linux

Contrary to the assumption that Linux is only for geeks and it's a boring OS, we would like to bust this myth and list the top things you can also do on Linux. At the end of the article, you will know what Linux can do for you and the reason to use it for everyday computing.

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Top opensource virtualization software for Linux

Virtualization in computing involves creating virtual machines, storage, hardware, computer network resources, or an operating system. You can create many instances of a given operating system on a single computer. These instances are called virtual machines. Virtualization software has become popular as they extend the capabilities of a system drastically. Virtualization is most preferred and applied for cloud computing.

Deepin DE review: The most beautiful Linux DE

The Deepin Desktop Environment, or DDE for short, is one of, if not the best-looking Linux desktop environments out there. It brings a clean, elegant, modern, and professional-looking user interface. Not only will it woo anyone who looks at it, but it also provides a super intuitive and familiar user experience.

Deepin vs. Ubuntu – which Linux distro is for you?

Deepin Linux, a.k.a Deepin OS, is widely regarded as the most beautiful-looking Linux distro out there. In fact, it can even give proprietary OSes like Windows and macOS a run for their money in terms of looks and aesthetics. Furthermore, the distro's focus on stability and ease of use gives Linux newcomers all the more reasons to fall in love with Deepin OS.

Terminal Tutstuts@fosslinux:~$

How to capture the Tmux pane history

Tmux sessions are persistent. This means after exiting the program, the sessions will continue running. Ctrl + b is the default prefix used in Tmux. All commands in Tmux start with this default prefix, followed by a key to invoke the command into your Tmux application. This article guide will illustrate how to capture the Tmux panes' history.

How to change colors in Tmux

The open-source terminal multiplexer Tmux is designed for Unix-like operating systems. It enables the use of several terminal sessions in a single window simultaneously. It is handy for executing many command-line programs concurrently. The GNU screen can be replaced with the terminal multiplexer Tmux.

ServerLinux forever!
There is a reason why 90% of world's servers run on Linux.

How to run and manage containers as systemd services with Podman

Linux containers are executable application components that combine app source code with operating system libraries and dependencies needed to run the code in different environments. Containers combine lightweight application isolation with the flexibility of image-based deployment methods. Developers use containers as an application packaging and delivery technology.

How to reload a Tmux config file

You also close the simultaneous remote terminal sessions when you end an SSH connection. Tmux comes in handy here since it saves those sessions after the SSH connection is ended. Tmux is a terminal multiplexer that is free and open source.

How to find files using command-line in the Linux Terminal

More often than not, files do get misplaced on your computer. For finding them, you will need to use some sort of tool and a bunch of rules. In today's Terminal Tuts series, we're going to explain how to find files on your Linux systems, by knowing any sort of information about the file and by using the terminal.
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